What do you know about the portuguese elections? What are we exactly voting for? What is at stake? What can be the combinations that lead to a new government and why did the last one resign?

Next Tuesday, the 18th, at 6pm, all of these – and some other questions – will be answered in the Mensagem Q&A session about the portuguese elections. The event will be broadcasted online (through zoom) at Brasileira do Chiado. It will be held in english. The prestigious portuguese political scientist Marina Costa Lobo and the journalist Geert Linnebank, living in Lisbon, will be hosting the discussion.

Bring us all your doubts and questions, and, even if you don’t vote, we will try to help you understand the whole political system and become a better lisboeta.

Register here, send us your email and the things you would like to clarify about the elections – we will get in touch and send you a zoom link.

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